Professional writing
May 2018 -
Linguamatics (Cambridge)
Technical Author working on user documentation.
Oct. 2017 -
          Febr. 2018
BioStrata, Histon (Cambridge)
Science writer creating various types of content on science and technology.

2012 - 2016
PhD in Chemistry, University of Cambridge (submitted successfully – awarded in 2017).
2009 - 2011
Research Master Medical Biology, University of Amsterdam (MSc. diploma 2011).
2007 - 2009
Bachelor BioMedical Sciences, University of Amsterdam (BSc. diploma 2009).
2006 - 2007
Bachelor BioMedical Sciences, Utrecht University (continued in Amsterdam).
2005 - 2006
Bachelor in Fashion Design, University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) (no diploma).

Specialised courses
FEBS-EMBO advanced lecture course: Biomembranes; molecular architecture, dynamics and function, Cargèse, Corsica, FR. Poster presentation
Postgraduate course ‘The 3’ end of the gene’, Stockholm University, Stockholm, SE.

2018 van der Wateren IM, Knowles TPJ, Buell AK, Dobson CM, Galvagnion C (2018) C-terminal truncation of a-synuclein promotes amyloid fibril amplification at physiological pH. Chem. Sci. 2018, 9, 5506. doi: 10.1039/c8sc01109e
Tark-Dame M, Jerabek H, Manders EMM, van der Wateren IM, Heermann DW, van Driel R (2014) Depletion of the Chromatin Looping Proteins CTCF and Cohesin Causes Chromatin Compaction: Insight into Chromatin Folding by Polymer Modelling. PLoS Comput Biol 10(10):e1003877. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1003877

Research projects
2012 - 2016
Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge
PhD research in protein misfolding and aggregation. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dobson.
Department of Immunology, Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm
Research topic:  Aberattions in the innate immune system and  correlation with symptoms in patients with fibromyalgia, under supervision of Prof. Dr.  Sverremark Ekström, Prof. Dr. Severinson and Dr. Bileviciute-Ljungar.
2011 - 2012
Department of Cell Biology, Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm
Research topic: The role of the SWI/SNF chromatin remodelling complex in alternative splicing, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Östlund Farrants.
2010 - 2011
Nuclear Organisation Group, SILS, University of Amsterdam
Thesis: The role of cohesin in chromatin folding in the human interphase  
nucleus, under supervision of Dr. Tark-Dame and Dr. van Driel.
2009 - 2010
Department of Medical Biochemistry, AMC, University of Amsterdam
Thesis: Role of programmed necrosis and glycosphingolipids in the   development of insulin resistance, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Verhoeven.
Department of Pathology, AMC, University of Amsterdam
Thesis: Concordance of HER2 status between primary breast cancer and  
corresponding distant metastases using IHC and CISH, under supervision of Prof. Dr.  van de Vijver.

Darwin College conference grant for EBSA2015 (£ 150).
EBSA congres bursary for EBSA2015 (€ 400).
Boehringer Ingelheim Stiftung conference grant for FEBS-EMBO advanced lecture course:
Biomembranes; molecular architecture, dynamics and function (€ 400).

Conferences, meetings & symposia
2016 BBS symposium 'Protein-protein interactions, self-assembly and aggregation', Dec. 15, London, UK.
Annual ‘Centre for Protein Misfolding Diseases’ meeting, Nov. 9-11, Cambridge, UK. Short talk
EBSA2015, July 18-22, Dresden, DE. Short talk + Poster presentation
Annual ‘Centre for Protein Misfolding Diseases’ meeting, Nov. 3-4, Cambridge, UK. Short talk
Protein Structure, Protein Evolution, June 2-3, Stockholm, SE.
Biophysics of Amyloids and Prions, May 25-26, Naples, IT. Poster presentation
2013 Annual ‘Centre for Protein Misfolding Disease’ meeting, Nov. 4-5, Cambridge, UK. Short talk
2013 FOM Molecular and Cellular Biophysics, Sept. 30-Oct. 1, Veldhoven, NL.
Physics of Living Matter 8, Sept. 19-20, Cambridge, UK.
I held a lunch-time seminar at Darwin College, Cambridge, UK.
Protein misfolding in disease: molecular processes and translational research toward therapy, April 13-17, Roscoff, FR. Poster presentation
Oxford Symposium on Rare Diseases: 2013. Protein Misfolding and Aggregation, Jan. 31 – Feb. 1, Oxford, UK.
Molecular Chaperone Club Meeting, Dec. 17, Cambridge, UK.
Annual Dobson Group meeting, Nov. 5-6, Cambridge, UK.
B-cell day at Karolinska Institute, June 19, Stockholm, SE.
Prion2012, May 9-12, Amsterdam, NL.
PhD day Schools of Biology, Dec. 20, Stockholm University, SE.
FOM Molecular and Cellular Biophysics, Oct. 3-4, Veldhoven, NL.
Wenner-Gren Institute Day, Sept. 15, Stockholm, SE.
‘Actin and actin-associated proteins, from genes to polysomes’, Sept. 7-10, Stockholm, SE.
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences research day, June 10, Amsterdam, NL.
2011 Second ‘Physics of the Genome’ meeting, Feb. 3, Delft, NL.
2010 - 2011
Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences biophysics meetings, NL.
Dutch chromatin meeting Chromo8, Oct. 26, Leiden, NL.
FOM Molecular and Cellular Biophysics, Oct.4-5, Veldhoven, NL. Poster presentation