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Experience in content creation, degrees, research projects, courses, conferences, travel grants, publication.     PDF

- MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, SharePoint Designer), Dreamweaver,   
   Mercurial (through TortoiseHg), Snagit, LaTeX, GraphPad Prism, Mendeley, EndNote,
   and several more-specialist software packages for data analysis; some past
   experience with InDesign and Photoshop
- Some webdesign skills using SharePoint Designer, KompoZer (which I used to create 
   this website), and Dreamweaver
- Dutch (native), English (fluent), German (intermediate)
- Experience in teaching undergraduate students and as an English tutor
- Experience in securing small travel grants for conference visits
- Design and production of silicone sculptures sold online, administration of purchases,  
   quotes and orders for this enterprise
- Some skills in illustration, photography and painting
- Excellent verbal and written communication in both English and Dutch
- Experience in customer service/hospitality
- Experience in online sales using Etsy, ebay and Amazon

Medical Writing

- Primary manuscripts
- Review manuscripts
- Conference materials (posters, PowerPoint presentations)
- Infographics
- Competitive intelligence (conference cover)
- Accurate time keeping and reporting
- Confident communicating with clients and authors
- Delivery within the deadline and budgeted hours
- Comfortable to ask team members for help when needed, and happy to help others

Skills developed during my studies,
transferrable to
other positions
- Extensive note taking during lectures and some experience in note taking during 
   committee meetings and interviews
- Finding, interpreting and organising specialist literature
- Accurate record keeping of experimental details, samples, protocols (with great
   attention to detail)
- Writing standard operating procedure compliant with health and safety
- Buying reagents, other consumables and equipment using an on-line procurement   
- Planning experiments and booking shared equipment accordingly
- Data collection, data organisation and data analysis using several software packages
- Preparation of figures of research data and concepts
- Preparation of presentations and posters for both specialist audiences as well as a
   general audience
- Writing and preparation of material for conferences and publication
- Presenting my research at international conferences/meetings
- Taking part in group meetings/discussions
- Working on group assignments with 1-10 other students
- Communication with people from different backgrounds and cultures across different  
   positions in higher education/academia
- Good understanding of the Bachelor-Master system and of a scientific career post PhD
- Good numeracy skills and basic understanding of statistics (through an undergraduate   
   introductory course on statistics, completed with a 9 out of 10 on the exam)
- Initiative to make my work space a safe, suitable and pleasant work environment by
   ordering supplies needed and by cleaning my work space regularly
- Problem solving skills developed during my education and research